The Outlet Others Need

Most people just need an outlet — somewhere to vent their anger and to release their frustration.

Some people rely on sports, music or resort to drugs or alcohol.  However, most use people.

Let them.

A good metric of personal contentment is how often you allow others to use you as an outlet - without letting it bother you.

  • A doctor in Singapore loved RingMD.  He kept reaching out and insisted I hire him.  After many requests from him and my continued denials, he threatened to lodge a public campaign against me and the company, unless we paid him a large consulting fee.  I didn't comply and he publicly bashes me to this day. 
  • Some ex-girlfriends and ex-colleagues despise me, still spreading rumors in attempt to harm me.  People I've never met publish how much they hate me on blogs and social media.

The interesting thing is: I'm happy to help them. 

Some people can only feel good about themselves by tearing others down. 

I know what I'm doing is helping others (and has the potential to help many more). I am filled with so much passion and purpose that none of this behavior can get me down. 

Be confident in your personal mission. 

Allow others the opportunity to use you as their outlet. After all, they need you.

Be the outlet others need.